Le Galeton




Since forever and all around the world our ancestors were playing dropping pebbles in circles wdrawn in the sand. Recent generations too, for playing or challenging made competition for who is the most accurate and regular.

It's only in the nineties that two young peoples, a Normand and a Britain who decided to create rules for the game and give it a name.

The name was born from a "Frenglish" word, means the start of the play "Galet On", became Galeton.

Then, they wrote accurate rules, with playground dimensions to respect and set of the play unique and shared.

The Galeton was born.

Un jeu simple et convivial

A simple and friendly game

Since this period, many people play Galeton, sometimes unknown the name The Galeton.

Many official competitions have taken place these last 15 years, the game was also presented during the Journées du Patrimoine for two years.

But the main practicing of the Galeyton is only for family and pleasure, that's the reason why it's a so friendly game.

It's also a free game, because you only need pebbles find on the beach where you are and wait for low tide to play on the wet sand.

So go, play and share this free and simple game.