Le Galeton

The Game


The Galeton is a game who can be practice everywhere in the world on sand beach where the sea come down with low tide.

For play the game you need 3 pebbles pick up on the beach. Each pebble must have a weight less than 200g.

However the from height to width of each pebble must respect the single rule of : The width (taken in the middle of the pebble) must be less than the height multiplied by 1,5.

In fact, the pebble must'nt be to flat.

After you can draw circles at low tide in the wet sand (just like the sheme at the page Playground).

Each circle has a value points.

Then each player pitch a pebble in taking turns until all pebbles have been pitched on the playground.

When everybody have drop those pebbles, the players count points of the pebbles fell in circles.

The Galeton can be play one against one or in team, two against two, or three against three max.

Game Set

Game for two : Each player plays a pebble by turns, until no player get a pebble more in hands.

The game is playing in two winning innings.

Game by team : Each team plays a pebble by turns, but the order of players in each team is her own choice.

The game is playing in only one winning inning.

An inning : 3 series of 3 pebbles by player.

In case of equality at the and of the game, a new game is played again.

If equality persist, players must do "The Départage" who consist for each players to drop a pebble, it's the nearest from the main circle center who win the game.

Pitching rules

The Pitch call Pitching Area (2m x 1m), is the unique place where you can pitch your pebbles. Your two feet must be inside when your pebble is dropped.

• Only one player can be in the pitching area.

• Crossing the line with your foot is forbidden and considered as a fault.

• It is forbidden to get into the playground after dropping your pebble.

• The next player must wait that the previous one gets out of the pitching area.

Limit Areas

• An outside pebble is considered "OUT".

• A circle crossline pebble is considered "OUT", if 2/3 are outside and "IN", if 2/3 are inside.

• A pebble perfectly accross the ligne can be considered as "Dispute", he can be played again.


• A croosline foot.

• Get inside the pitching area before the previous player get out.

• To be in the playground during the game.

• A wrong dropped pebble felt into the playground accidentally is played (but it's not a fault).

One Fault = 1 point less